Laptop as a wifi access point

I know that it is possible to make an access point from a wi-fi card. Now I tried to set it up. Here is a description of my actions step by step.

I have old laptop Acer Aspire 5315.

OS— Kubuntu 11.10

Wi-Fi-card— Atheros. That's what lspci says about it

Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x / AR542x Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)


Of course it have ethernet card too.

Let`s go...

Compose settings for entering non-standard characters

When typing texts is often necessary to use characters that are not present in your layout, or not presen on keyboard at all. For example, typing something like ¼ or ‰ is a non-trivial task. Of course, you can use a character table and just copy everything from there. But it is good when the desired character is entered 1-2 times. And what to do if you need it constantly? This is where the Compose key comes to the rescue.


The compose key is also known as "Multi_key" at the X Window System. In X.Org Server, many keyboard layouts provide different options for the location Multi_key, commonly used in PC-compatible architectures.

You can assign this key in different way. For example, using XkbOptions ("compose: rwin"). In my Kubuntu it can be done in Kmenu-Computer-System Settings-country/region/language. I assigned a button to the Compose key that I never use - CapsLock.

Now let's go through the settings step by step