I'm a system administrator with more than 15 years experience . The author and teacher on  Linux administration courses.

I'll help you create a reliable IT infrastructure based on Linux.


Typical services

 Installing and configuring mail server based on Linux with antivirus scanning.

Configure a secure and stable mail server running Linux with the netx functionality:

IMAP-server Dovecot, SMTP-server Postfix, Web-Mail Client - RoundCube.

- the ability to create an unlimited number of mailboxes for different mail domains
- ability to control incoming and outgoing mail
- centralized mail storage server
- Antivirus protection for incoming/outgoing mail
- spam protection
- web-interface for accessing email with encrypted data.

 Data Backup

- restore individual files
- file system recovery
- the ability to make both full and incremental copies of data
- the ability to copy only the necessary files by mask)
- the ability to store copies on different media
BackupPC is used for backups


Internet Gateway Configuration

- restrict access to the Internet
- Internet speed limit for each user
- Restricting Internet access to download files (for example, mp3, avi, jpg, exe, etc.)
- restricting access to certain categories of websites
- antivirus check of Internet traffic.



allows you to establish connections between computers that are behind the firewall, without having to change their settings.

uses a server running Linux with OpenVPN software installed