Mail Server Configuring. Content

I decided to create a separate article with contents of all articles from the  Mail Server cycle.

I will write the full content and links will be inserted as far as publishing new articles


Part 1. Installation and basic configuration for Postfix and Dovecot.

Part 2. Additional rules for mail filtering. DNSBL

Part 3. RoundCube Webmail

Part 4. Set up the automatic creation of hidden copies of messages.

Part 5. Mail traffic routing. Authorization on a upstream server.

Part 6. Alternative methods for storing user settings. Using MySQL.

Part 7. Alternative methods for storing user settings. Using Windows AD.

Part 8. Set up mail server authentication through the OpenLDAP

Part 9. Encrypt mail traffic

Part 10. Working with a mail server using telnet

Part 11. ClamAV Email Anti-Virus configuring

Part 12. SpamAssassin Antispam

Part 13. GreyListing

Part 14. DNS configuring for the mail server.SPF, DKIM, DMARC

Part 15. Manage messages in Dovecot. Sieve

Part 16. Plus addressing. Types of mailing addresses

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